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Saturday, September 02, 2006

How many people in a family?

Wikipedia Says this on Tamilnadu's population.

Tamil Nadu's population stood at 62,110,839 as of 00.00 hours of March 1, 2001. It is the sixth most populous State of the Indian Union behind Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. The State accounts for 6.05% of the country's population. Its population density at 478 persons per square kilometre, up from 429 in 1991, and much higher than the all-India density of 324, makes it the eleventh most densely populated State (1991 rank:10) [3]. Approximately 47% of Tamil Nadu's population live in urban areas, one of the highest percentages in India.[2]

Our Cheif Minster Karunanidhi says this:
"The identified land, spread over 270 sq km, is found to be ideally suitable for setting up the new city, mainly due to pollution-free air and clean environment. The land is presently inhabited only by 13,000 families and is largely uncultivated," Karunanidhi said, adding when the government acquired the land, the owners would be duly compensated at the prevailing market rates

Interesting Observation:
Assuming population density of 480, which could be far less for an area that is very close to chennai, I found a family has 10 members. Thought family planning schemes were very effective so far. Now I want to ask who ate all the money that were supposed to have spent on popularising inverted triangle. I know karunanidhi is not lying, as they dont make much out of mega projects like this. So please set up an enquiry.


  • reminds me of the comedy of errors...nay...statistics.

    a world renowned statistician was sitting on the banks of a full-flowing river. he was thinking seriously about statistics at a time when a stranger arrived at the spot. The stranger neither knew swimming nor knew the depth of the river. Seeing the great statistician sitting on the bank the stranger approached him and asked "Sir, you seem to be a native can you tell me what is the depth of this river? I intend to cross this river by walk". The statistician had a glance at the stranger and said "You seem to be about 6 to 6.2 ft tall, and on an average this river is only 5 ft deep so there will not be a problem for you in crossing this river by walk". The stranger dared and drowned.

    Your equation is similar to the statistician's statement. The 270 sq.kms area mentioned by Karunanidhi is still less densly populated, could be what he says is not far from true. Extrapolating to the population & per sq-km density you arrive at an absurdity.

    By Anonymous Sridhar, at 3:28 AM  

  • pb...
    kanakula and vazhakula puli dhaan neenga:)-

    adhu sari..
    rendu moonu naalaave comment vida try panren.. mudiyala..inndha google matteraala..adhaan anony vidaren.. epdi pannanu sollungalen??


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:48 PM  

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